Жълта тениска BAD MOMS CLUB

Κίτρινο τένις BAD MOMS CLUB


Κίτρινο-τένις-BAD-MOMS-CLUB carries the strongest message for mothers – to be good mothers and to cope with all things in their day! Incredibly ocher, mustard color that shines.

🌱 100% Organic cotton 🌱
Model size: Ani is 168 cm tall and wears size S

Οδηγός μεγέθους

Κίτρινο τένις BAD MOMS CLUB

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Cut: Fitted women’s T-shirt, normal length

Sizes: XS-36, S-38, M-40, L-42, XL-44

Care instructions: Delicate wash at 30 degrees. Do not tumble dry.


Μεγέθ XS, Μεγέθ S, Μεγέθ M, Μεγέθ L, Μεγέθ XL


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